Rama found me around 1984 in Boston Massachusetts. I had a decade and a half of experiences in the light with Rama, and there is no way I can capture in words the numerous experiences in dimensions of light that he guided me through, but let me try to provide some insight.

Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz, is an incarnation of the Sun, an incarnation of Light, an Enlightened Master. On April 12, 1998, Rama left his physical body, while in perfect health, in Long Island, New York, which he had foretold to his older students. His teachings were complete. That was the highest moment in my life to date, and I knew that I was beginning a new chapter in my life. When Rama left his body I could feel his essence merge with everything. I felt so good! So high! I knew anything was possible, and most of all I deeply felt that Enlightenment is attainable.
The physical world lost a being of light but he became a part of everything. I felt him merge with everything. I felt a great peace and well being that is difficult to put in words. While staring at the full moon the night he left his body, I could feel the infinite, all possibilities, light, love, and peace beyond imagination. I knew in the midst of what appeared to be chaos that everything was perfect.

When Rama meditated the room filled with gold light! Just being in his presence threw me into exalted states of consciousness where I remained for days and weeks at a time. This was a common phenomena amongst those of us who followed his teachings and practiced the form of Tantric Kundalini Yoga that he taught. I witnessed him heal people and perform countless "miracles". One of the most poignant moments was on his fortieth birthday, he showed us the Dharmakaya, the clear light of reality. As he demonstrated levels of meditation and consciousness rarely seen in public, I was forever changed.

Rama taught for many years in the United States. He primarily worked with a group of students who he had known for many past lives. He taught us the final lessons of our Enlightenment Cycle as he shared his last incarnation in this world with us. Among his many teachings included how to meditate in this world of varied energies. For those who chose, he trained and empowered us to teach others the secrets of White Tantra.

As I continue my practice and studies of the arts and sciences of the mystery schools, as well as share my knowledge with my students, there will always remain a special place in my heart for Rama. I feel his presence very strongly in my life, and I remember him each day as I chant his name. ...RAMA RAMA RAMA RAMA....

By: Dora Tarver (a.k.a Nayana and Bhagwati Kaur)
Founder of the Dharmakaya Meditation Center
Dora teaches Meditation (as taught by Rama), Kundalini Yoga - as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and Amma's Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique.
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