Who is Rama, Dr. Fredrick Lenz?

Who is Rama? It is always a daunting endeaver when delving into the awesome nature of an Enlightened mind. It is with complete humility that we must state that any answer given here will be completely insufficient to describe the life and meaning of such a magnanimous and mysterious being as Rama. Yet the situation exists that at the level of this web page, an answer to this loaded question is required. The fact that you are reading this page means that you have probably encountered one of Rama's students, either giving out a book or holding a meditation class.

"Enlightenment is the complete awareness of life without mental modifications." - Rama

Now you have come to this place in cyberspace to get an answer to the question, "So who is this Rama character anyway?" I warn you, this answer will be completely insufficient at a deeper level, but it will at least be of assistance in getting you oriented as to who this very special person was in a small but significant way. It will also address the curious phenomenon regarding why are so many people talking about the magic and power of Rama's life and work. Check him out. This chance encounter may just change your life forever!
Rama was born Frederick P. Lenz III, on February 9th, 1950, in San Diego California. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Stamford, CT, where he spent rest of his time growing up. After graduating from High School, the young Frederick took a break from school before entering college, and headed off to the Far East to engage in a series of snowboarding adventures. These adventures eventually became the inspiration of his contemporary works, Surfing the Himalayas and Snowboarding to Nirvana. After surfing his pastlife Spiritual Master, Master Fwap (see Surfing the Himalayas), he returned to the U.S. and enrolled in College at the University of Connecticut at Stoors. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from U Conn. Soon after he earned his Masters degree and Ph. D in English literature from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.
Of all the things Rama did after leaving academics, there is one activity that stands out as the defining pursuit of His life. Above all else, Rama was an educator. He was a dedicated teacher and whether he was teaching spiritual seekers the pathway to enlightenment, or illiterate immigrants how to sign their name to a job application; he approached each task with the same passion and verve. Rama lived by the conviction that knowledge is power, and he spent the majority of his life in selfless service to the empowerment and enlightenment of others.
Beyond this brief description, there is not much we can tell you about "the real" Rama. Sure, we could write books about our experiences with him and how he empowered each one of us to miraculously reinvented our lives. But that is our story. There is only one thing we can tell you about Rama with 100% certainty. Rama remains a mystery at all levels to everyone who knew him.
Yet if you really desire an answer to this question, we have one recommendation. Read his books, listen to his music, and above all, meditate! For it is only in the stillness of meditation that you will have a chance of discovering the true nature of this wondrous modern day spiritual master, Rama, Dr. Fredrick Lenz.

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